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China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuff and Native Produce

The China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuff and Native Produce was established in September of 1988 with more than 6,900 member enterprises from all over China. It congregates the largest and most representative enterprises in the industry as well as large numbers of small and medium-sized enterprises with 47 special councils, each being the industry organization of China.

Member enterprises’ businesses range from cereals and grains, oil, dried vegetables and fruits, meat products, aquatic products, dairy products, spirit, beverages, tea, canned food and confectionary to bee products, edible fungus and products, wood products, forest products, fragrances, flowers, candles, fireworks, cashmere and products, down and feather products, fur and leather products, bristles and products, casing, carpets, etc.

Member enterprises come from trade and distribution, farming and breeding and processing, state farms and research institutes as well as provincial, prefecture and county level associations of agricultural products, covering state-owned, foreign invested and private enterprises with a few international memberships. The members of the Chamber represent the overall strengths and capability of the agriculture, forest, foodstuff and native produce industries.

The Chamber organizes exhibitions and trade fairs both in China and overseas and organizes member enterprises to participate special exhibitions to help them expand their exports and sales, to promote their reputation and images and to strengthen and explore their China markets and international markets. The Chamber has been maintaining good cooperative relationship with more than 40 international and professional exhibition organizers such as the Cologne Food Expo, Paris Food Expo, Japan Food Expo, etc.

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