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Sponsor: China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce     Organizer:Shanghai Dongmao Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd


Expo Highlights

1. Fully leveraging the industry advantage of the Chamber and its aggregated professional database to promote the Expo with full power through official website, micro-blogs, WeChat, emails, fax, mails, etc. and targeted invitation of domestic and overseas food distributors, agents, stores, franchise supermarkets, e-commerce, etc.:

2. Powerful promotion through all the food expo platforms the Chamber participates worldwide.

3. Collaborating with leading digital marketing and e-commerce services providers and leveraging digital media resources, mobile internet, digital PR, etc. to innovate the marketing model of expo.

4. Invitation of ITC experts to participate and offer advices to enterprises on product import and export and international market information in accordance with the strategy cooperation agreement between the Chamber and the ITC of UN.

5. Close collaboration with dozens of media to promote the Expo such as International Agricultural Trade, China Food Daily, 21food.cn, etc.

6. Partnering with local commerce departments, food industry associations, import and export chambers, etc. to ensure successs.

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